Ultra Age, the title roguelike Y hack and slash from Next Stage Y Visual Dart, was announced at the Tokyo Game Show 2018 for PS4. Since then, we have hardly received any news about the game other than that it was delayed and a new gameplay was released a couple of years ago. However, the developers Next Stage Y Visual Dart and the editors Dangen Entertainment e Intragames they have broken the silence.

Ultra Age will launch in the fall and we will know more information about the platforms in the near future.

The action title, defined as a roguelike from high speed, arrive soon in autumn of this same year. Even though it was originally presented as a title that will come out in PS4 exclusiveIt seems that the companies could have changed their plans. Dangen Entertainment has commented that more information about the platforms will be released in the near future, hinting that it could finally be released for other platforms. Perhaps, Ultra Age will have a next generation version for PS5 or it will also be launched to platforms outside the ecosystem of PlayStation What Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC it is included Nintendo Switch.

Because we hadn’t known anything about the video game for a long time, since Dangen Entertainment have wanted to review some of their most important keys to understanding the story and gameplay. Ultra Age follow the story of the young warrior Age who, in a distant future in which the resources of the Land of the year 3174 have become insufficient, he embarks on a mission to save humanity from extinction. The planet is covered entirely by robotic and mutant enemies and in it you can explore all kinds of futuristic places. The world of Ultra Age It is one in which humanity has divided into two camps: the people who have escaped from Earth and moved to the Orbital Arc space colony and those that have remained on Earth in a instalacin llamada The Shelter.

At the playable level, the game will allow a multitude of interesting options to make the action dynamic and fast. The character’s basic attack, weak but swift, consists of attack enemies with a variety of blades with which we can execute combos. Age also have a skill that will allow attract the smallest enemies and avoid different spaces of the stages. In addition to combat mechanics, the title will have certain elements to upgrade weapons, expand skills, and learn useful new combos. The new skills that we acquire will help us to be more effective in combat and will speed up processes such as looting objects. Do you want to get the hang of this new title?

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