Ubisoft launch in the future ms free “high quality” games with the aim of attracting a wider audience to its main sagas. The movement is in line with the variations in the sources of income of the French company: the amount coming from the in-game shopping is increasing. Last week they announced Tom Clancy’s The Division Heartland, a ttulo free to play for all platforms that will be released in 2021 or 2022.

Frederick Duguet, Chief Financial Officer of Ubisoft, said in the presentation of the financial results of the company that the objective of the firm he no longer has to release three or four “triple-A” titles a year, according to statements collected by PC Gamer, since that approximation “is no longer an adequate indication of the dynamics of value creation” from the company.

Hyper Scape

Duguet pointed out that they want the audience grow by “expanding our brand to the top of the funnel”, in other words, making more free games and / or than the titles premium have free versions, although without neglecting that there is “a high content cadence including powerful paid launches Y free to play“.

The executive promises that they will be high-budget games: “We are creating games free to play high end to pursue long-term triple-A ambitions. “” We think we have a great opportunity to significantly expand the audience for our sagas ms large“, as is the case of the aforementioned Heartland, framed in The Division.

The Division Heartland

“We have had the time to learn from what we did last year with Hyper Scape“, says Duguet about the battle royale launched in 2020 that has not caught on with the popularity of giants like Provided, Apex Legends Y PUBG. “We will also learn from the launch that we will Roller champions, we have learned a lot with Brawlhalla, which is growing rapidly, and we think now is the time for games free to play high quality throughout our largest sagas, on all platforms “.

Ubisoft’s revenue is increasingly coming from DLC and micropayments

Ubisoft’s change or diversification in its approach to the video game industry can be framed in a comment that Yves Guillemot, CEO of the company, said in the same meeting with shareholders: income is “more and more recurring”, that is, from additional content, season passes and microtransactions.

In addition to the aforementioned Roller champions, expected to arrive in 2021, we may see some of these high-budget F2P titles in the Ubisoft Forward, the digital event that will be held on June 12. One of the main candidates is that The Division Heartland, to arrive before April 2022, like Far Cry 6 Y Rainbow Six Quarantine.

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