Steam Deck promises to be one of the most powerful hybrid consoles with the most options on the market. Valve’s new portable system features enviable technical specifications, which place their power at a level very close to that of new generation consoles. The CEO of Ubisoft, Yves guillemot, recently commented to an investor during a first quarter earnings call that the French company will be reconsidering the idea of bring your next games to the Valve console, although everything will depend on the performance that the console is going to have (via IGN).

Yves Guillemot waits for the console to “get big”

“We are happy that Steam Deck is coming to the industry, it shows that a flow of hardware very innovative new hitting the market, “he commented.” So we’ll look and see how big it gets, but if it’s big we can put our games in it“. The statements may sound somewhat ambiguous at first, although the CEO of Ubisoft could refer to the fact that the company prefers to wait to see the evolution of the system before releasing some future titles in it. Ubisoft has a considerable catalog on Steam to Although Lately the company is associated with the Epic Games Store, since it only stays with a 12% reduction in publisher sales versus 20-30% for Valve’s PC gaming platform.

It should be noted that Valve has already confirmed that, in addition to being able to expand the SSD memory of the three models, the Steam Deck is an open system, so you can install any software or operating system. This means that the hybrid console should be able to run Epic Games Store or Ubisoft Connect and that users will be able to access the titles they have purchased on these platforms. Yves Guillemot’s statements could indicate a change of course when it comes to future releases if the Steam Deck manages to reap the expected success, so we can only wait and see how events unfold.

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