Twitch has become one of the most popular social networks for gamers in its own right, where they can watch live content from many of today’s hitting games or discover new releases that capture the attention of fans. streamers that broadcast on this network.

Today the Amazon-owned company has announced a major adjustment over the next few months since 2021 plan to adjust the price of subscriptions (existing subscriptions, new paid subscriptions and gift subscriptions) in most of the countries where it operates, adapting the price to the cost of living of each country, which in most cases it will mean a price decrease as currently the price of Tier 1 subscriptions is equivalent to approximately $ 4.99.

The setting will start on May 20 in Mexico and Turkey and during the third quarter of this year they will be followed by most of the European countries Espaa, Amrica Latina, Middle East and Asia gradually implementing change “with the goal of making this variation as easy as possible for the community. The company will continue to inform the community as the price change is implemented in more countries and regions.“.

If you want you can check if the country from which you are reading see the prices of the modified subscriptions by clicking on this link.

A price reduction to drive growth

For Twitch, this adjustment in subscription prices is a opportunity for content creators around the world to more easily expand their communities receiving the support of its viewers who will have more affordable prices depending on each country.

Twitch itself also comments that before making this decision they conducted several price tests to discover that prices The lowest subscription rates increased total monthly subscriptions, as well as subscription income for creators. In a recent test in Brazil, lower subscription prices increased creators’ income and the total number of creators by more than 100%. subscribers“.

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