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The Spanish online store TTDV is preparing to receive the new launches in the coming weeks, with important news for all platforms, and for that reason Your Video Game Store reviews its top sales in recent months so that you can get or reserve some of the most wanted games before it is too late.

TTDV remember that shipments over 40 euros have free shipping costs and that the products already available will arrive at your home in 24-48 hours. Pre-sales will be done on the same day of launch. What are you waiting for?

TTDV reviews its top sales of the month and the m games

Top selling games on TTDV

  • last units. Ratchet & Clank: A separate dimension + free GLOW IN THE DARK cover for 69.99. Available for PS5.
  • Pokemon Shiny Diamond & Shimmering Pearl Dual Edition Nintendo for 119.90. Available for Nintendo Switch.
  • Joy-Con Edicin The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword por 79,99.
  • Joy-Con Edicin Fortnite for 79.99.
  • Dualsense charging station for 27.49.
  • last units. I have Dualsense Midnight Black for 69.99 for PS5.
  • Alex Kidd in a Miracle World por 26,99. Disponible para Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4 y Xbox.
  • It takes two a partir de 26,49. Disponible para PS4, PS5, XBOX y Nintendo Switch.
  • Resident Evil Village for 62.99. Available for PS5 and XBOX.
  • Guilty Gear for 54.99. Available for PS4 and PS5.
  • Yonder The Cloud Catcher: Chronicles Signature Edition por 47,49. Disponible para PS5 y Nintendo Switch.

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