Part of the community of Total War angry at Creative Asssembly, specifically some of the most dedicated gamers in Total War: Three Kingdoms. The British study announced on May 27 that support for the game will cease, both in updates and in additional paid content, to dedicate to the development of another title also inspired by the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Some users have coordinated to do review bombing and Steam to the game of strategy, that is, to leave more than 3,500 “mostly negative” reviews during the last 24 hours in protest against the cessation of support for the game. Total War: Three Kingdoms I know premiere in May 2019. Since then it has received numerous updates and seven additional paid content (one of them a large expansion).

As they explain from PCGamesN and have written some players on the subreddit of Total War, anger comes for three reasons: first, because of the confusion generated by the initial release, which did not fully clarify the future of the Asian side of the Creative Assembly saga; second, because the study had previously anticipated new content that will never come.

And third, and most important, because usually Total War they have enjoyed years of developer support, and some players fear that the exception (such as the first Total War: Warhammer Y Total War: Attila) become the norm, that is, that the games of the different subsagas are rpidamente replaced by the following.

For example, Attila had updates for a year and the first Warhammer it was replaced by the sequel after two years; but Total War: Warhammer 2 carry almost four years receiving DLC ​​and updates, and Total War: Rome II It was updated for five years, and after a hiatus of almost three years, it received yet another DLC.

The point is that the second great expansion of Three Kingdoms, promised by Creative Assembly in July 2020 and centered in the north of the map, it will not come true. Grace Carroll, Community Manager In the study, he has answered questions from a user on Reddit about why to make a new game instead of the DLC.

“We want to take a different approach with this one.”writes Carroll, admitting that the new title is in a very early stage of development. He also assures that not follow the model of Total War: Warhammer, in which the different installments can be combined into a single title (something like what it also does Hitman 3).

El futuro de Creative Assembly

Creative Assembly premieres on April 29 Total War: Roma Remastered. At the end of the year launch Total War: Warhammer 3, than close the trilogue. Also, other equipment within the study is known to be developing a shooter with a science fiction setting and that, supposedly, will have elements of SEGA sagas.

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