From Ubisoft they revealed the video game yesterday Tom Clancy’s XDefiant, the real name given to the rumored BattleCat we met a few weeks ago. The title will be available in Spain and worldwide at PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Ubisoft Connect, Luna y Stadia. We are talking about a free, first-person multiplayer shooter that invites users to immerse themselves in 6v6 faction fights. Players can be grouped into sides drawn from sagas such as Splinter Cell, The Division O Ghost Recon. Offer crossover play from launch, with tests planned for winter.

Tom Clancy’s XDefiant: Free, multiplayer and cross-play

“During the past 21 years, Tom Clancy’s universe has become an important part of Ubisoft history, and a reference for tactical shooters and immersive universes “, indicates the French company in a press release on the occasion of the announcement of the game.” Ubisoft is proud to announce the expansion of the Tom Clancy universe with a game that will allow everyone his fans play with, and against, some of the most heterodox and recognizable groups of the series that most fans like “.

In this way, the players (Defiants) will be organized in different factions They have their own characteristics and abilities. They belong to properties of Tom Clancy from Ubisoft, as can be Splinter Cell, The Division O Ghost Recon, allowing users to find themselves in a familiar environment with sides that are known to them from other titles. These are the factions and their peculiarities:

  • XDefiant will initially feature factions such as the Wolves (Tom Clancys Ghost Recon), Echelon (Tom Clancys Splinter Cell) and the Outcasts and Cleaners (Tom Clancys The Division), fighting in the most iconic settings. New Defiants will be added as the game evolves, always drawing on characters and abilities related to the Tom Clancy universe, and others.
  • In addition, Ubisoft wanted to emphasize that Tom Clancy’s XDefiant offer a personalized play style for players to tailor this experience to their tastes: they can customize their character or Defiant, choosing their faction, traits, abilities and ultras. In the same way, we can select the arsenal of weapons that we will use (choosing between primary and secondary weapons, accessories, and a device with which we will complete our initial equipment). A team that we can modify on the fly as the battlefield evolves.

    On the other hand, the company points out that XDefiant offer a “wide range of game modes” that players will like according to their style of play: we will find competitive modes such as Team Deathmatch or Domination, and also linear such as Escort. In this way, they argue that the game “offers players a playable experience of the highest level, combining visceral and fluid combat with unprecedented freedom and customization.”

    You can now register

    Users who are interested in taking a first look at Tom Clancy’s XDefiant You can register on its official website to enjoy the title in advance. The first trial test is set for August 5 (although it will only be available in the United States and Canada), and more tests are expected to take place throughout the year.

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