Respawn Entertainment has announced that Titanfall 2, his acclaimed first-person shooter in which we can pilot gigantic mechs, is available for free to everyone in its version of PC via Steam. Those, It is a temporary promotion, so we can only enjoy it until next May 3, so you can take advantage of this weekend to test its multiplayer and experience its award-winning single-player campaign. Of course, once the offer ends we will have to checkout to continue playing if we are left wanting more.

An acclaimed action game

As we say, Titanfall 2 it is a first-person action game released in 2016 in which we can fight both on foot and aboard huge robots. A very interesting detail is the fact that when we do not pilot these titans, we will enjoy a high mobility that allows us to perform all kinds of acrobatics and parkour maneuvers to move freely through the scenarios, something that we must learn to master so much to overcome the campaign (full of sections of “platform” pure and hard) to survive in its competitive multiplayer.

If you are interested in it and you want to delve into everything it offers, we encourage you to take a look at the analysis we dedicate to it in Vandal, where we comment that “Respawn Entertainment has listened to the community and offers a huge amount of content. In addition, the gameplay maintains all its essence intact, and has improved in mobility and forcefulness, which, together with the balanced roster of weapons, skills, titans and pilots, offers a tremendously addictive battlefield and longer than the original. Undoubtedly, Titanfall 2 is one of the best shooters del ao “.

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