Star Wars has produced great adventure, action and role-playing video games, but some of the most fan-remembered adaptations of the universe created by George Lucas put us at the controls of the most iconic ships of the Empire and of the rebels, something that the recent Star Wars: Squadrons. Now a mod called TIE Fighter: Total Conversion recreates a game from 1994 and gives it a much more modern look that, although it is not comparable to the spectacularity of the latest Electronic Arts games, it does maintain all the fun of this classic.

A small detail needs to be clarified: TIE Fighter: Total Conversion not a mod for him TIE Fighter original but for its 1999 sequel Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance, wearing Tie-Fighter with its interface and missions to a more modern engine and then add a facelift with the modifications of X-Wing Alliance Upgrade Project that renews the lighting, improves ship and cockpit modeling and even gives the possibility to play in virtual reality; TIE Fighter: Total Conversion results in an authentic remake of the LucasArts game. It has been in development for years and is now available for download.

  • Mod download TIE Fighter: Total Conversion
  • Those responsible describe it as a way to “take advantage of the superior engine of XWA to imagine how it would have been TIE Fighter if his technology hadn’t limited him. “

    A game completely redone

    Since the goal was to imagine TIE Fighter again the team took the opportunity to do more than just improve the lighting, textures or give the option of panoramic format. His campaign offers 37 missions -some completely new- and introduces new ships and larger space battles. The improvements also affect the soundtrack, remastered with more quality, although like the new content these are optional modifications: the most nostalgic can opt for the original campaign and MIDI sounds if they wish.

    Espectacular mod Star Wars TIE Fighter: Total Conversion

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