We have already told you before about remake of Tomb Raider 2 is developing and Unreal Engine 4, a long-term project that has been receiving demos since it started its journey a long time ago. Now its author, Nicobass, has published a new free trial version which shows some of the improvements that you have been working on all this time.

The new version that can be downloaded now includes considerable improvements over what we have already seen before, such as a new rendering for water simulation, new volumetric lighting, level design improvements, new outfits for Lara Croft, new models for the non-controllable characters, as well as tweaks in that of the protagonist to make it “more realistic”, improvements in animations, more vegetation, improvements in the sound system and general fixes in game performance.

A remake that works at 4K and 60 fps

As you can see in the video inserted above, this remake fan de Tomb Raider 2 can operate at a resolution of up to 4K (2160p) with a framerate up to 60 fps. All this with ultra realistic graphics. In the approximately 24 minutes duration of the previous video you can see a complete tour of the latest version of the demo published by Nicobass, a project that can be downloaded for free since here.

The saga Tomb Raider celebrates this to its 25th anniversary and those responsible have already kicked off the commemoration of this birthday, although we still have to know certain surprises that Square Enix probably has up its sleeve. On March 18 the company will hold a digital event, Square Enix Presents, in which he has already advanced to say something about this special date for the Lara Croft saga.

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