Even if Resident Evil Code: Veronica It has received some reissues and remasters, it is true that this title that debuted on Dreamcast in 2000 is one of the main installments of the saga less known by the general public. After the remakes of Resident Evil 2 Y Resident Evil 3, and the information about a remake of Resident Evil 4, many fans wonder if Capcom has forgotten about the actual sequel to Resident Evil 2. In the absence of news or rumors of an update, the fan community has already set to work to Redo Code: Veronica with Unity technology.

Resident Evil Code Veronica Remake is a fan project to give a new look to the original that brings it closer to the latest remakes, while maintaining its personality. There will be major improvements in reimagined modeling, texturing and maps, or at least that’s the intention. Offer two modes: remake and classic; remake will have third-person action and expanded content, while classics will use fixed cameras like the original – more dynamic than in the pre-rendered backgrounds trilogy, but with automatic movements according to the user’s movement.

The team also promises new kinematics, new gameplay mechanics, more story, puzzles and save rooms. In the videos they have published we can see that their state is already advanced, although there are still many aspects to be polished in animations and camera control. You can track their progress on the page they have opened.

Capcom has not yet commented on this project

The team clearly indicates that it is a non-commercial game and they reject any type of financial donation, as they do so for the saga of the saga. However that doesn’t mean Capcom can’t crash the project, and in fact it will not be the first time they do it: in 2015 the fan remake of Resident Evil 2 was canceled due to the existence of the official development of Resident Evil 2 Remake. The fan game ended up becoming Daymare: 1998, a commercial game with many similarities to Resident Evil but without using the license.

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