Resident Evil 8: Village goes on sale tomorrow in all territories, including the Spanish market, and since yesterday we have been able to see the final impressions of the critics who have been able to test it before its launch. As usual, comparative videos their different versions have also started to appear on the net; specifically the youtuber The Bit Analyst has already published his piece comparing how it performs on new generation consoles.

Below these lines you can see the comparative video of Resident Evil 8: Village running on PS5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. To perform the technical analysis of these three versions, its author has finished the game on both platforms, although during the video the sequences containing spoilers of the plot or appearances of characters that could gut the story.

Framerate stable, except with ray tracing activated

According to this technical analysis, Resident Evil 8: Village works virtually identically on PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. On all three its framerate stable at 60 fpsAlthough the most powerful Microsoft console shows an improvement of up to 7 fps in some situations. Of course, the fluidity is compromised in all versions of the game when it comes to fighting against final bosses, sections in which the framerate drops up to 45fps on PS5 and Xbox Series X and up to 30fps on Xbox Series S.

It seems to be the ray tracing The one that has the greatest problem with fluency in all versions, and even The Bit Analyst even recommends that it be played without this feature activated on Xbox Series S. The falls of frames in all three versions they are much smaller when ray tracing is disabled, according to this technical analysis.

On Vandal we have already been able to try Resident Evil 8: Village and in our analysis we also talk about this problem: “We can play at 4K and 60 fps on the new generation consoles, although we warn you that performance is somewhat more unstable if we choose to activate the ray tracing, which honestly, has not compensated us as much as we think. “

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