Mass Effect: Legendary Edition ya is available both in Spain and in the rest of the world, that is why from now on we can see first-hand – beyond those official images published by Electronic Arts and BioWare – how the works that make up the original trilogue have changed in this new remastering for PS4, Xbox One y PC.

Thanks to a technical analysis by The Bit Analyst we can look at a comparison between the Mass Effect originals and the modern version of each of them included in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. This comparison has been made between the Xbox 360 version of the originals and the Xbox Series X version of the new, although this remastering does not have a native version on new generation consoles but works through backward compatibility.

Palpable changes and improvements in all games

As you can see in the video available on these lines, the difference between the games is palpable. The author of the comparison points out that “new assets, textures, reflections and post-processing effects have been improved and added”, in addition to having improved loading times to a minimum in the new version. Regarding the framerate, so troublesome in the original versions, here it has reached a stable 60 fps They can even go up to 120 fps exclusively on Xbox Series X.

Perhaps the game that has changed the most, probably because it is the oldest, is the first Mass Effect: your field of view (FOV) has been reduced to make it more like the sequels, animations and controls have been improved, and in general improvements in quality of life have been added. Mass Effect 2 Y Mass Effect 3 they have also improved their performance remarkably.

On Vandal We have also highlighted the quality of this remastering by saying in our review that BioWare “has taken their work very seriously and made all kinds of improvements and adjustments that have ended up giving an incredible visual appearance and in keeping with current times, but without altering the slightest bit the essence of the original “with”a good number of playable and quality of life improvements to make them more enjoyable at the controls and they have brought the saga together with small but grateful details. “

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