The Chinese developer Softstar Technology is currently working on Sword and Fairy 7, an action and role-playing game slated for release later this year on Steam. As you can guess from the number of its name, it is the seventh installment of a very veteran saga whose first title dates back to 1995. Although it may not be too popular in these lands, in Japan it is a phenomenon of both criticism and criticism. sales and account to date with several spin-offs and even with a television series.

A new sample of the advantages of Ray Tracing technology

Now, the developer has distributed a spectacular new trailer through the NVIDIA YouTube channel whose objective is to show us what it looks like thanks to the technology Ray Tracing, so we can see a graphical display of lighting effects and reflections that make the game world look great.

In case this title has caught your attention, you will be glad to know that there is currently a demo available on Steam, although unfortunately it is not yet translated or English, unlike the final version that I know I will have texts in the language of Shakespeare. Additionally, Softstar Technology itself has commented that they are considering including translations into more languages ​​in the future, which could leave the doors open for it to finally reach us in Spanish.

Sword and Fairy 7 we will propose to live a great adventure whose story focuses on the conflicts between humans, demons and beasts. The fighting will be in the third person and in real time and its launch, although scheduled for 2021, still does not have an exact date confirmed.

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