The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, also known as Skyrim It’s simply one of Bethesda’s most beloved and revolutionary open-world adventure titles. Can you imagine what the title would look like with current graphics? This small sample that we bring you today could help clear the doubt. Designers are having fun tinkering with the possibilities Unreal Engine 5 has to offer thanks to Early Access, courtesy of the Epic Games Store. In today’s specific case, the designer Chris G, nicknamed Hall 00117 on YouTube, has uploaded a sample of what a very specific area of Skyrim con Unreal Engine 5.

The demo recreates the location of Western Watchtower

The video of the recreation of Skyrim In Unreal Engine 5 it lasts a little over 2 minutes, although this little glimpse is enough to give us the illusion of seeing the entire video game with this aspect. The location is about neither more nor less than Western Watchtower, a place where the first battle of dragons took place on Skyrim. As you can see for yourself, this particular area looks at a very surprising level when compared to the original. Surroundings textures are more detailed than ever and the lighting manages to give it a much more realistic touch. Of course, looking at the technical demos that various designers and fans are doing with Unreal Engine 5, it is confirmed that the graphics engine is very powerful and allows a multitude of possibilities.

This look at a Skyrim much more realistic has excited many fans, who fantasize about a new version of the Bethesda title. Remember that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Special Edition was released in 2016 as a remake of the classic, although its technical section was not excessively superior. Bethesda is currently developing The Elder Scrolls VI and this small sample of Skyrim With current graphics it could help us to get the idea of ​​what to look like in the sixth installment of the long-lived fantasy saga.

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