Go Sims It is the saga par excellence when it comes to talking about life simulators. Electronic Arts hit the right key when creating a different and attractive video game that has won a multitude of faithful around the world, especially in the PC community. Go Sims 4 was a success and a designer shared his demo of Los Sims 5 recreated with graphical engine early access Unreal Engine 5. You can see the results below, although we anticipate that they are shocking as well as disturbing depending on how you look at it.

The Sims 5 is not confirmed by EA

Priymak Elysium has shared through his personal YouTube account the demo conceptual from Los Sims 5, which runs under Unreal Engine 5 and features state-of-the-art effects like ray tracing. As we have mentioned, the user has managed to recreate this technical demo successfully thanks to the kits gratuitos de la Epic Games Store. The look of Los Sims 5 it’s really shocking because of how photorealistic the environments and character modeling look it is inevitable to think that the chosen style inevitably collides with that of the previous installments, causing him to find himself in a haunting little valley. This is not the only recreation made from Unreal Engine 5.

The Sims 5 on Unreal Engine 5

According to the information we have today, EA is not developing any new titles for Go Sims. Go Sims 4 received its last expansions between the middle and the end of last year and thanks to them we were able to visit Star Wars locations, although the full price game is not within reach of all pockets. In case there was a future Los Sims 5, probably a style much less realistic and more in line with what we have seen of the saga so far, although you never know. What do you think of the demo of The Sims 5?

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