Known in Spain as ‘tube teles’, the CRT screens (for its acronym in English cathodic ray tube) they have become fashionable again as one the most reliable way to reproduce retro video games: if the design of those works was intended to be seen on these monitors, trying to play them on more modern televisions can lead to inconsistencies in the final result. However, a Twitter user has shown that CRT displays Not only are they ideal for more classic games, but they also offer a great finish on more modern works.

It is the case of Dark Souls, the acclaimed FromSoftware game that has had such a cultural impact on the video game industry. The user ababarzan on Twitter has brought to light a series of screenshots of Hidetaka Miyazaki’s game running on a CRT monitor: the first installment of this saga was published in 2011, when this type of television had already been discontinued for a few years, and although its design was not thought with the idea of ​​being reproduced on tube screens, the aesthetics of the game look great on them.

The truth is that these captures are not new: their author published them on Tumblr back in 2016, although in the post itself he explains that he had been taking those photographs for a year before. There are several such posts available on his blog, including snapshots of much of the scene from Dark Souls: “I especially like [las capturas] what show the nocturnal Anor Londo, especially the last one, where I noticed a mysterious point of light on the nearby cliff, “he says in the post. “I really enjoyed this project, I remember it with great fondness”, ends.

Dark Souls running on a CRT monitor.

Classic games and CRT: are we playing them wrong?

Recently in Vandal we have published a special report on CRT monitors in which We reviewed both the technology and some examples that demonstrate how retro games, and even until the arrival of PS3 and Xbox 360, were designed with the particularities of this type of television in mind. Playing them on emulators or on modern screens, which in the case of 4K multiply the resolution of CRTs almost tenfold, can lead to visual aberrations, with a very different result from the original game.

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