The universe Fallout joins that of Star Wars in one of the most ambitious mods we’ve seen in recent years. The saga Fallout It is very popular among users for its high quality and for the large number of mods that have been made around it. Among the most notable modifications we find that of Fallout: London, an ambitious mod of Fallout 4 which is still in development and which recreates the city of London after an apocalypse. However, today we bring you a modification that will excite fans of the galaxy far away made from Fallout Vegas.

Fallout New Vegas Star Wars include a new dubbing

The new mod Fallout New Vegas Star Wars It is one of the most ambitious and most elaborate that we have seen to date. The new video shared by Tank Girl on YouTube shows us a first look at this spectacular modification of the original Obsidian video game. According to reports from Wccftech, the mod of Fallout New Vegas Star Wars Open Worlds, your full name, count on 12 different planets to explore, multiple factions, and a handful of side quests. At the moment we do not know information about the release date of this mod due to its ambition, although the team is updating information from the Discord server.

The description offered by those responsible for Fallout New Vegas Star Wars talk about what we can find new varieties and types of enemies throughout our adventure. To face the enemies and all the dangers that will try to stop us from advancing, we will have at our disposal a arsenal of 150 weapons and various vehicles to explore the environments freely. One of the most surprising aspects is that the team ensures that the mod will have 24,000 lines of voice dialogue provided by a group of voice actors and even celebrity guests.

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