It remains to be seen if Final Fantasy VII Remake ends up coming to PC (in principle, the exclusivity in PS4 and PS5 was one year), but the computer is becoming the best platform to play the game. Final Fantasy VII original thanks to mods that continually retouch the title published in 1997 (a year later in compatible). After receiving a mod that replaced those modeled by others more similar to the designs of Tetsuya Nomura and another that remastered the game thanks to artificial intelligence, now comes to us Cosmo Memory, which replaces the 724 sound effects of the game.

Created by the mud Bonez, the mod is defined as a “complete sound enhancement” that “updates each individual sound effect in the game” by others with more detail but faithful to the original work: this affects the attacks from allies and enemies, to the footsteps and many other elements, such as invocations and limit breaks, which have aged since the premiere more than two decades ago, including those of the movie scenes.

It not only substitutes, but also adds. All scenarios and all matches now have ambient sound. Cloud, Tifa, Barrett and company now they scream when they attack. The steps now sound one way or another depending on the terrain you walk on. And furthermore, there are several sound effects for the same action so they will not always sound the same to avoid repetition.

To all this must be added the possibility of choosing between eight different sound effects for the menus: the originals, those of Final Fantasy VII Remake, those of interruptions NT, those of Final Fantasy XV, Two types of Final Fantasy XIII, those of Final Fantasy XII and those of Final Fantasy X.

How to install the mod

The mod You can download it for free from Nexus Mods, but requires that both 7th Heaven What FFNx, what can you get from GitHub (here FFNx). Also, the SFX settings option in the aforementioned program must be set to VGMStream mode.

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