Super Mario Bros. It is a phenomenon that goes beyond video games and movies and animated series are proof of this. Mario will receive a modern animated film from the hand of Illumination y Nintendo throughout 2022 in order to make the dreadful live action from Super Mario Bros. fall into oblivion. Nintendo’s plumber received an animated film in 1986 called Super Mario Brothers: Great Mission to Rescue Princess Peach, which is being remastered in 4K by user Carnivol on YouTube.

Super Mario Bros. movie looks better than ever

The Super Mario movie has a 62 minute duration with credits included, so we are not talking about a tape with too much footage. The plot is rather simple, since it is summarized in Mario and Luigi saving Princess Peach, something that is not surprising since it is the common thread of practically all the video games in the saga. However, the film has a remarkable animation for the time, with many guides, references, music and sound effects taken directly from the games. In fact, you might be curious to know that the iconic scene from Super Mario 64, in which Mario grabs Bowser by the tail and throws him through the skies, has its origin here.

“This project initially started with two copies of VHS in the early 2000s, and it is likely that the digital transfer you have of this movie (which is not in the DivX codec) is from the early days of this project. I’d be happy to add subscribers to this upload or help anyone capable, passionate, and experienced with translations as well. FemboyFilms will help finish what I started “, explained Carnivol. The user affirms in the description of the video that he has been working on the project for years, which it would be costing you over $ 20,000 if we have the acquisition of files, licenses of software, reel scans and other related expenses.

The project is still in process

In its publication, it highlights that accepting the help of those who want to collaborate in the project, which is still in process, and that the restoration tasks are very diverse: color correction, removal of dust and image noise, minor visual retouching, and incorporation of audio material. Also, he appreciates the support of all users who have already contributed to the project. A few lines up you can see what the original film looked like, which makes us appreciate the work done even more.

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