Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End was the end of the adventures for Nathan Drake. Naughty Dog managed to close the story of the beloved treasure hunter with a flourish, which received the applause of the critics and the public. Uncharted 4 light a technical section and an artistic direction heart attack, to the point that to this day it is still a graphically portentous video game. That is why the well-known user ElAnalistaDeBits wanted to recreate what the title would look like with the capabilities of PS5.

Simulated version of Uncharted 4 for PS5 achieves 4K resolution at 60fps

ElAnalistaDeBits has recreated in a very well worked simulation the game of Naughty Dog being executed in PS5. To achieve this, you have used various scaling programs I.A. and editing and has spent over 40 hours rendering. The simulated version of PS5 from Uncharted 4 light a 3840×2160 (4K) y 60 fps, while the native of PS4 Pro moves to 2560×1440 pixels and at 30 fps. Here is the video to see the comparison:

As you can see in the video, the increased resolution of the simulated version for PS5 compared to the original version of PS4 is beyond remarkable. Landscape elements rich in detail are much better appreciated. Also, environments that are in the far distance are more clearly appreciated. Regarding the fluidity of the game, you can see very palpable improvements. Going at twice the number of frames per second than the native version of PS4, the simulated version of PS5 has a much more fluid and smooth image in the camera movements and characters. The change is especially noticeable in the more moving action scenes.

The improvements to the simulated version go beyond aspects that affect the gameplay. Also recreated loading times, which will be drastically reduced thanks to the PS5’s SSD. In the past week, The Last of Us Parte II it was updated to run at 60 fps on PS5 with very good results. Let us remember that these improved versions of PS4 run on PS5 thanks to backward compatibility and they are not native versions. It is likely that if users demand an update so that Uncharted 4 work to 60 fps on PS5, it receives a patch similar to that of The Last of Us Parte II.

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