Youtube channel Linus Tech Tips has published a couple of videos showing his latest and peculiar project: making an Xbox controller out of pure gold. It is an exclusive peripheral, so much so that its manufacturing price amounts to the range of 87.500 dlares, although they intend to sell it for a larger quantity. If they do not find a buyer, they will melt the gold used to reuse it in another project.

In the first video they published, and that you can see under these lines, they showed the initial manufacturing process of this remote control, which they consider the most expensive Xbox controller in the world: there they explain that for their creation they have needed one and a half kilograms of 18 karat gold. As you can see below, all the parts, except the internal circuitry, have been recreated in this luxurious material, which has involved some problems when it comes to reassembling it.

As luxurious as it is heavy

At the end of the second video, available under these lines, you can see the peripheral already mounted and functional being tested by several people of the channel, although to touch it all must wear gloves. The main impression this Xbox gold controller seems to give is that It is very heavy, much more than the original. It remains to be seen if those responsible for this project will finally be able to sell it or if, on the contrary, they will have to disassemble it again to melt the gold.

It is not the first time that we have seen a product from the world of videogames transformed into a luxury object for collectors thanks to gold: in December of last year, for example, it was presented a PS5 of 20 kilos of 18 karat gold sold accompanied by two DualSense with gold and crocodile skin at an estimated price of a thousand dlares.

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