Incredible, but true. Xbox Cloud Gaming part of the premise of being able to play Triple A titles using the streaming and from a wide variety of devices, including the PC and iOS mobile phones recently. In addition to being a very useful tool for preservation of the legacy of video games According to Phil Spencer, it saves the lives of those who do not have an Xbox console or a powerful computer. However, it is likely that until now no one has considered the possibility of play from a smart watch (va Games Rant).

User gets to play titles like Forza Horizon 4

According to reports from the aforementioned media, this curious experiment, which turns out to be as curious as it is impractical, has been carried out by the DAWO user on Twitter. The player shared several photos on the Korean platform Naver that show that playing titles like Forza Horizon 4 it is possible from a smartwatch. Given the few inches of this type of device, playing at a title of this caliber has to be rather awkward, although DAWO doesn’t seem to mind too much. In addition, the user attaches a short video tutorial detailing the steps to follow in order to run Xbox Cloud Gaming and play with a bluetooth controller.

DAWO explains that, following the method that it details, it is possible to play any of the titles that accept streaming games and that are available on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Although it is a curious discovery, it is quite likely that no player will feel like playing a high-budget title under these conditions, although It’s a taste of how far Xbox Cloud Gaming can go in browsers. Would you be encouraged to try the streaming service from such a tiny screen?

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