As soon as you have surfed the Internet, either from a computer or mobile devices, you have surely come across mobile video game ads that have little to do with the game they advertise: It is usually advertising for titles that do not exist, based on simple mechanics that are proposed as a real challenge but that are not present in the game that we download from the application stores. Something like a puzzle game that ends up being an application in the style of Candy Crush, for example.

The youtuber spanish BaityBait He has compiled a few bogus ads, which he considers the best of a long list he has used for the new video for his channel, and has posted them all in a long thread available on his personal Twitter profile. Taking a look at their messages we can find real nonsense: from games that supposedly put us in the shoes of a fruit surgeon until plagiarism cheeky titles as popular as Pokmon GO The Among Us. All obviously fake ads.

Who gains from these fake ads?

The funny thing about all this, and what you’ve probably wondered more than once, is Why are there these types of ads if the game they offer really has nothing to do with the one shown in the advertising. What do advertisers earn? What is behind all this? In the web Mobile Dev Memo have published a lengthy article explaining why these fake mobile game ads have become so popular and why are they profitable even though they have nothing to do with the actual game.

Apparently, and according to a report from the Facebook Ads Library, these ads They exist because they simply work and generate returns on advertising investment. The aforementioned youtuber BaityBait also explains in his video that every mobile game that uses this technique can have up to 500 ads, each displaying a different graphic style and gameplay. The advertising platforms earn money from them, the companies that publish the games also, so for the moment the only people affected are the users, who by the way are already beginning to be angry about this type of practice.

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