The original consoles, like the first Xbox, they still keep secrets for the players. More than 20 years later, a former developer who worked on this platform has indicated how to discover an easter egg that has remained hidden in this hardware … until now. Of course, given the complexity of this secret, the developer knew that it was going to be hard for someone to figure it out for themselves without doing any tricks. Today we can take a look at it:

The hidden easter egg on the original Xbox

Thanks to Kotaku We have been able to discover what we have to do so that a new screen appears within the Xbox menu. The easter egg consists of precisely that: a new window that shows us the names of some of those responsible for creating the console. But unlocking it requires someone to guide us. If you have your first Xbox at hand, we will tell you the step by step so that you can see it on your consoles.

If you have heard of the easter egg “>”This probably sounds familiar to you because they both work more or less the same. While this secret revealed a hidden credit list, after which the console restarted, the easter egg we are talking about today starts in a similar way: what we have to do is access the Xbox menu and scroll to the “Music” section. Once in there, we will have to insert an audio CD to rip.

The easter egg never seen to date on Xbox

If we choose a short disc, the process of course takes less time to complete. From the Audio CD screen, we have to choose the “Copy” options., then “Copy” again and then “New Song”. That’s when we have to remove the default title from the soundtrack and replace it with (without quotes) “Timmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!” We have to write the letter “y” a total of 26 times (basically until we use up all the space). The last “y” must be replaced with an exclamation point.

Once the copy is finished, we can return to the main menu. That is when, when choosing “Configuration” and then “System Information” a new screen should appear: a window that reveals the list of members of the “Xbox Control Panel Team”. And this is the mysterious Easter egg that has been hidden in the console for more than 20 years.

What other secrets does the Xbox hide?

I really didn’t expect anyone to find itUnless the source code was leaked or someone reverse-engineered the menu, “said the developer who revealed the mysterious easter egg.” Its trigger is the same as the other easter egg. [se refiere al de “>”], so I knew it was possible. I thought someone would have to end up filtering it to make it known“.

The truth is that this secret of the original console comes at the most opportune moment possible: just this 2021 marks the 20th anniversary of its original launch, and Microsoft plans to celebrate with events, merchandising, wallpapers and much more news. You can read everything that the firm has planned for this milestone around here.

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