Console mods are the order of the day and one of the favorite hobbies of the those who love videogames and at the same time have a hand with technology. If other times we have talked to you about very crazy modifications such as a GameCube converted into a PC or a portable Nintendo 64, the one that we bring you today may be the craziest and most amazing to date. YouTuber Ian Charnas has managed to create a Imitation Game Boy powered by nuclear power and with which he has been able to play Tetris.

The income from the video will go to associations

The YouTuber in question is a specialist in creating all kinds of very striking and curious DIY objects such as a windshield wiper that syncs to music. Ian Charnas has managed to capture the energy of the light emitted by the natural decomposition of tritium (an isotope of hydrogen) using mini solar panels. The energy that is generated from the decomposition can be stored in special batteries. The batteries are then integrated into a custom board and connect to the Game Boy to test the Tetris for more than an hour.

The creation of Charnas does not go beyond being a mere curiosity, since his Game Boy that works with radioactive energy is totally commercially unfeasible. Also, from what can be seen in the comedy-packed video, the console is very difficult to operate and is very practical no matter where you look at it, although of course the experiment is at least curious. A relevant fact is that all proceeds from the video will go to a charity which helps support children living near the area affected by the Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster.

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