lately we are seeing how great classics of the video game sell at auctions for a fortune, like that copy of Super Mario Bros. factory sealed that was recently sold for 660.000 dlares -more than 540,000 euros in Spain- becoming the most expensive game in the world. It is something that happens especially with classic titles, that is why the FandomSpot medium has wanted to analyze if that situation also occurs with more modern video games.

According to the analysis of this medium, more modern games What Pokmon Rub & Zafiro, originally published in 2003, they can also be sold today for a much higher quantity to that of its launch price. Specifically, this GameBoy Advance title is the one that has appreciated the most, reaching an average price of 576 US dollars, 942% more than the 55.24 dollars it originally cost.

These are the five modern games that have appreciated the most currently:

  • Pokmon Rub & Zafiro (22,540,000 units sold) previously it cost $ 55.24 and now it is worth $ 576 (942% more)
  • Pokmon Diamond & Pearl (24,730,000 units sold) before it cost 56.30 and now it is worth $ 228 (306% more)
  • Human Fall Flat (25,000,000 units sold) used to cost $ 14.99 and is now $ 37 (144% more)
  • Terraria (35,000,000 units sold) used to cost $ 10 and is now worth $ 17 (67% more)
  • Wii Play (28,020,000 units sold) used to cost $ 10 and is now worth $ 15 (47% more)

Although these games are now priced higher than when they were released, they barely touch the percentage of markup that the sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. that we mentioned before reached the auction: this NES cartridge It was bought for a price 2.6 million dollars higher than its initial cost.

Games that m

The five most undervalued games

Also, not all games have appreciated over the years, but others have also become devalued as more time has passed since their original release. The following titles are the five that have lost the most value in recent years:

  • FIFA 18 (24,000,000 units sold) used to cost $ 66.94 and now costs $ 6 (90% less)
  • Borderlands 2 (22,000,000 units sold) previously cost $ 64.97 and now costs $ 7 (89% less)
  • Diablo III (30,000,000 units sold) used to cost $ 80.85 and now costs $ 9 (89% less)
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (30,000,000 units sold) used to cost $ 87.61 and now costs $ 10 (89% less)
  • Grand Theft Auto IV (25,000,000 units sold) previously cost $ 98.66 and now costs $ 15 (85% less)

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