Xbox has already announced the July 2021 Gold Games, that is, the batch of titles that Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will be able to add to their library this month for free to play as long as they keep their membership active. As usual, there are four new free games that regularly will have a total cost of 79.96 euros If we buy them separately in the Spanish Xbox Store and they add up to a total of 3000 Gamescore points between all of them.

You can see the full list of Games with Gold for July 2021, including the date they will be available to add to the library of Xbox Series X/S y Xbox One, then:

Indie originals and great video game classics

Planet Alpha (19.99) is a colorful side-perspective action-adventure video game that challenges us to survive on a mysterious alien planet full of dangers and secrets. We control an astronaut lost in the middle of that mystical world and we accompany him on a tiring mission to try to discover where he is, why and how to get out of there.

Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break (29.99) is a fun competitive game that combines the peculiar comic style of the humorous group Monty Python with an original playable system that allows us to roll a custom rock to break the opponent’s defenses, in the same way that we will have to make sure that the opponent does not penetrate our fortress.

Conker: Live and Reloaded (9.99) is a 2005 classic released on the first Xbox and now playable on One and Series X / S thanks to the backward compatibility system of both consoles. In this way we will once again put ourselves in the shoes of Conker, the best known squirrel in video games, to live a funny story full of references to popular movies.

Midway Arcade Origins (19.99) was published in 2012 for Xbox 360 proposing itself as a great compilation of great video game classics. This title includes more than 30 works from the golden age of the arcade, with names like Defender, Gauntlet O Rampart, among many others, that should not be forgotten. In addition, for this reissue its graphics were enhanced to offer them in high definition.

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