Every time there is less so that we can enjoy The Witcher: The Wolf’s Nightmare, the new animated film based on the popular fantasy universe created by Andrzej Sapkowski. As we informed you a couple of weeks ago, it will premiere next August 23 exclusively for Netflix and tell us a story starring Vesemir, the teacher of Geralt de Rivia, years before the events that we were told in the books.

Vesemir’s story

Now the video on demand service has just released its first official trailer with Spanish subtitles, thanks to which we can learn new details about its history and see a multitude of action sequences in which our hero faces a good number of dangerous creatures. In addition, it also helps us to check how your designs and the quality of the animation are.

That Netflix has bet on a movie starring Vesemir does not seem the result of chance, since he is someone very important in the history of Geralt de Rivia and is one of the main characters that will be introduced in the second season of the TV series, whose premiere is scheduled for December 17. In this way, many viewers will be able to know you in advance thanks to The Witcher: The Wolf’s Nightmare.

As additional details, It should be noted that the film will be directed by Han Kwang II and scripted by Beau de Mayo, while animation is the responsibility of Studio MIR, an acclaimed studio that many of you will know for its work on such beloved series as The Legend of Korra.

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