The actress Michelle Yeoh | (Star Trek: Discovery, Crazy Rich Asians) plunges back into the genre of science fiction: becoming part of the cast of The Witcher: Blood Origin, the new Netflix series that doubles as the prequel to The Witcher. This production invites us to know the origins of the Continent, with Yeoh playing a la elf Scan. This week we have been able to know the details of his character, thanks to the official account of the series. The news comes after Jodie Turner-Smith had to leave the project due to scheduling problems.

Michelle Yeoh plunges into the world of The Witcher

Scan, the character that Yeoh will play in The Witcher: Blood Origin, is described as “the last of his nomadic tribe of swordsman elves”. In addition, Netflix notes that she is an “artist with the sword.” This elf aims to have a great weight in history, since her mission aims to change “the destiny of the Continent”, the world where the events narrated in the Andrzej Sapkowski saga take place. In this way, Yeoh joins a cast where we also find the name of Laurence O’Fuarain, who embodies a warrior named Fjall. Jodie Turner-Smith was going to be in charge of giving life to the main character in Blood Origin, ile. However, as we say, he had to leave this position due to scheduling problems.

The role of Scan aims to be suitable as an actress like Yeoh: we have seen her participate in stunts in Supercop (Police Story 3), until it becomes the powerful Philippa Georgiou from Star Trek: Discovery. Also known for her roles in Memories of a Geisha O Tiger and dragonWe are sure that the threats that are hidden in the Continent will not give you any fear. For the moment, we have to wait to know more details of Scan.

What Blood Origin?

We talk about a new live-action series, commissioned by Netflix while The Witcher shaped its second season, which just finished filming. Blood Origin comes from the hand of Declan de Barra, who serves as executive producer and showrunner; while Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, creator of the main series The Witcher, is in charge of executive production. Sapkowski himself participates as a creative consultant.

“Set in an elven world 1200 years before the world of The Witcher, Blood Origin tell a story lost in time: the creation of the first prototype of the sorcerer and the events leading to the fundamental Conjunction of the spheres, when the worlds of monsters, men and elves merged to become one “, we read in the official synopsis.

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