The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt It has become one of the best games of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One generation on its own merits. Thanks to him we were able to enjoy a multitude of spades adventures in the company of the charismatic Geralt of Rivia and this year CD Projekt will give us the opportunity again. to relive this great epic better than ever thanks to its relaunch in PS5, Xbox Series X/S y PC, a new version that just confirmed that it also add content from the Netflix TV series, whose second season will premiere next December.

The Witcher 3 in the new generation

Unfortunately, at the time of this writing nothing more has been said about it, so we do not know what kind of additions they will be. Maybe some cosmetic items to make Geralt look like Henry Cavill, the actor who brings it to life in the show? The company has promised to release more information shortly, so luckily we won’t have to wait much longer to find out.

Returning to the version of the game for new generation consoles and PC, comment that include all kinds of graphical and technical enhancements, such as technology ray tracing or reduced loading times. Also, arrive with its two expansions and all its downloadable content, and If we already have the title on PS4, Xbox One or PC we can update it for free to PS5, Xbox Series X / S and PC respectively.

All in Vandal on Geralt of Rivia’s third adventure

In the analysis that we dedicate to him in Vandal We commented that “if you like role-playing games in the open world, and definitely capitalized adventures, here is a game waiting for you with more than 100 hours of high-quality entertainment, which will not cease to surprise you from the beginning until the end, and that again sets the bar very high within the genre. ” Do not forget to consult our complete guide either.

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