The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is one of the video games most loved by fans of role-playing games, who found a spectacular closure of the trilogue of video games based on the story of Geralt de Rivia, turning CD Projekt RED’s work into a playable and technical reference. Today on PC this title is still one of the best graphically without the need to add any improvement to the community but if we also decide to open ourselves to the world of mods we can take this work to a new level.

As a button shows in this Digital Dreams video in which we see the CDPR game running alongside 50 mods diferentes They improve, among other things, the lighting of the game to offer a much more realistic and overwhelming appearance to the eye. Also to move The Witcher 3 a 4K y 60 fps With all these mods the creator of the video has used a PC with a RTX 3090 accompanied by a processor Ryzen 9 3900X, 32GB of Corsair Vengeance RAM and SSD storage.

The video has been made with a custom mod set mod APEX Reshade for The Witcher 3 (you can download everything here). The original set opts for a darker lighting that gives a more “medieval” look to the style. The Witcher 2 while the author of this modification, haskeer212, proposes a more realistic palette with more natural tones.

The Witcher 3 con mods

The best mods for the Witcher 3

if you want open arms to mods and you want to start “tuning” The Witcher 3 In Vandal we have created a report thanks to which you can have a list of great mods for the video game with which you can start. These mods improve both the graphics of the game and, in many cases, also make adjustments to the playable level to have a more realistic experience or even fix errors from the original game.

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Portada The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3 es the third installment of The Witcher saga developed by CD Projekt for PS4, Xbox One and PC. It is a video game that mixes elements of adventure, action and role in a open world peak based on fantasy. The player once again controls the Geralt de Rivia, the famous monster hunter, (also known as the White Wolf) and face a very diverse bestiary and dangers of dimensions never seen before in the series, while traveling the northern kingdoms. During his adventure, he will have to make use of a great arsenal of weapons, armor and all kinds of magic to face what has been his greatest challenge so far, the wild hunt. This video game has been awarded as the best game of the year 2015 both by specialized critics and by award galas such as the Golden Joystick Awards, Game Developers Choice Awards and The Game Awards. It also has 2 DLC or Expansions: Blood and wine, and Hearts of Stone.

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