Today an ID @ XBOX event was held in collaboration with Twitch Gaming in which the independent news that will soon reach Microsoft computers and consoles. One of them has been The Wild at Heart, a curious title developed by Moonlight Kids and edited by Humble Games whose release date has been announced: May 20 on Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC via Steam, Microsoft Store and Humble Store. In Spain it will have a price of 24,99 euros.

As we can read in the official description of the game in Microsoft Store, The Wild at Heart It will put us in the shoes of two kids who “flee from adversity” and discover a “mysterious unknown kingdom” inhabited by “magical creatures and a strange order of guardians who lost the north.” At thriller that Humble Games has published today, and which is available below, we can see an excerpt of the gameplay of this interesting project.

Exploring the Deep Forest

The Wild at Heart take us to explore this Deep Forest accompanied by a group of hadalingos, small magical creatures that possess special abilities and to which we can give orders: “Break things, collect loot, fight enemies, build new roads and more!”, says its official description. And although its two-dimensional style may seem limited to us, its creators assure that we will have a wide variety of areas to travel through: “A unique and isolated world, with centuries of traditional wisdom. Forests, caverns, coasts, ancient sanctuaries … The Deep Forest is full of puzzles to solve and secrets waiting to be revealed“.

Captura de The Wild at Heart.

All this to beat the “reluctant beings” that lurk in the forest, “dangerous savage creatures and supernatural enemies” that we will have to face “with the unique abilities of your group of hadalingos and your loyal vacuum cleaner, the Fagcatcher. Those, when the night comes, take shelter in a campfire because the evil beings of the forest feed on the darkness and our path will become more dangerous.

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