Just a week ago a Twitter user realized that The Walking Dead: Survivors, a mobile game set in the popular zombie franchise, had been heavily inspired by the cover illustration of Resident Evil 2 Remake, the successful video game that Capcom launched in 2019. Actually, more than an inspiration we could speak directly of reuse of the original material: the key art of the mobile game was directly drawn above the cover image of the remake.

In fact, if you look at the illustration of The Walking Dead: Survivors you can see how the revolver that Claire Redfield is holding in the original, a bit of the pistol of the mobile game character stands out, something that leaves little room for doubt about the accusations of plagiarism that the study in charge of its development has received since then. This illustration was circulating on the Internet in the form of an advertisement for The Walking Dead: Survivors until it was withdrawn by the company; today its responsible They have admitted the mistake and asked for forgiveness.

A third-party illustration that was inadvertently slipped

Elex, the developer and editor of The Walking Dead: Survivors, would like to apologize for the unacceptable oversight that occurred with a recent key art used to promote the game, “begins by saying a statement that Skybound Entertainment, owners of the license of The Walking Dead, has issued to Comic Book after this medium asked for explanations about this controversy. “Elex has instituted new policies and processes to ensure higher levels of accountability in the future. To that end, we have removed the art in question from all channels and will no longer use it in the future.”

In the statement, those responsible explain that this material was created by third parties and that, due to an oversight, it was published with the approval of Elex: ” was developed by an external agencyUltimately it is our responsibility to properly examine these materials and we did not do the right thing. “They also ensure that this controversy will lead to greater control of the next marketing materials used and express their hope to regain the trust of the audience.

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