Pan Studio has announced that The Third Day, his new graphic adventure of point and click, will finally be released in PC and Android next day March 29, a date that has not been chosen at random, since the developer has wanted it to be put on sale in Spain on the same day that coincides with Easter Sunday of this year.

A graphic adventure starring Jesus Christ in a parodic tone

The reason they have chosen this date is because the game is starred by Jesus Christ himself, who embarks on a story in which he will have to carry out all kinds of investigations to unravel a gigantic conspiracy.

Of course, The whole title will maintain a brownish and very casual tone with which they intend to have fun and make us laugh the odd laugh while we solve one puzzle after another. In total, have more than 1,600 lines of dialogue, more than 40 characters and 36 hand-drawn scenarios.

Taking advantage of this announcement, the company has distributed a new one and a half minute trailer in which we can take a good look at many of the crazy situations that we will experience throughout the adventure, including a lightsaber duel against a Nazarene in the purest style Star Wars. The game can be purchased at Steam and we remind you that if you are interested in it, you can download a demo from Valve’s own store to try it out and decide if you finally want to buy its final version or not. It should also be noted that, although initially it will only be released on PC and Android, later it is also expected to end up reaching iOS devices.

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