It is already baptized as the new Suez crisis, and no wonder: the huge container ship MV Ever Given has been blocking the Suez Canal trade route for six days, preventing the passage of ships in this goes that connects Europe and Asia. Although the ship has managed to be partially refloated, the radar of Vessel Finder it still shows the ship stuck in the middle of this key area. The consequences of this fact can be equally reflected in the video game industry, affecting the global distribution of PlayStation 5; a console that, by itself, has already seen its supply damaged.

MV Ever Given, another obstacle for PS5

With their 400 meters long and 59 wide, he drew a huge penis with his movements before getting stranded in the middle of the Suez Canal, located in Egypt. This route was built between 1859-1869 as a faster alternative for trade between Asia and Europe, avoiding having to make a detour through Africa. The magnitude of this problem called MV Ever Given it was not going to take long to be noticed in the global market, and the video game industry has not been left out of the situation.

As noted from Business Insider the electronic products we consume, such as PlayStation 5, are distributed mainly by ship when they leave the Asian factories. The Suez Canal covers about 10% of all world trade, and experts estimate that the portraits caused by this stranded ship could be felt over the next few months. After all, the problem is explained simply: with the MV Ever Given stuck in Suez, other ships cannot access the relevant ports to collect their goods.

MV Ever Given, the beached whale in the Suez Canal

This delay, coupled with the global shortage of the semiconductors needed to make the chips we find in consoles, means getting a new Xbox Series X / S or PlayStation 5 becomes an even more difficult task. This shortage is also affecting mobile phones and computer manufacturing. “There is a new level of demand that cannot be sustained, the whole world is in crisis and is getting worse,” said technology industry analyst Neil Campling about the lack of these semiconductors.

It’s like a huge beached whale“, he valued for his part Peter Berdowski, CEO of the Dutch company Boskalis, in charge of unblocking the huge ship. “It is a huge weight in the sand.” At this time, the Suez Canal authorities have confirmed that have managed to change the orientation of the MV Ever Given by 80%, and move it away from the shore 102 meters.

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