The news about the money handled by the streamers most famous, many of them settled in Andorra, can be an incentive for young people to think that their future is in front of a camera, talking or playing the hits of the moment. However, the reality is very different and the data collected by Kilian Arjona from Flexxible IT in a Twitter thread shows the difficulty of succeeding in this entertainment: there are a few streamers who concentrate the entire audience, while the majority have great problems attracting viewers.

The numbers are daunting for those planning to turn Twitch streaming into a professional job.. Yes, it is true that there is a lot of content on this famous video platform: 757,640 users broadcast more than 5.6 million times in January and 770,830 users broadcast almost 5.6 million times in February -always speaking of live broadcasts in Spanish-. However, 4% did not have a single viewer throughout the streaming, and 24% did not have a single spectator who, as if that were not enough, on many occasions was their own streamer.

The clearest data of this concentration is the ease of entering among the 5% of the most successful channels: it is achieved with an average of 6 viewers in the month, and exceeding 29 already places the channel at 1% most viewed. And it is that when 90% of Spanish-language channels do not exceed 3 viewers, gathering a handful of followers can already be considered quite an achievement.

It is also not very profitable for those who take it as a job

While it is true that most channels do not have a great aspiration – they play live for mere leisure -, there are more than 30,000 “professionalized” channels that broadcast in Spanish five days a week and eight hours a day. This extra effort does not translate into a huge leap in viewers either: from those users who work broadcasting on Twitch in Spanish. Only 5% have an average of more than 45 viewers, and a large majority – 75% – accumulate less than 6 viewers on average per month. Arjona sets a definition to consider successful channels: those that broadcast at least 20 days a month, a total of 160 hours or more for 300 or more viewers, and with this scale, less than 500 channels meet the conditions.

“In summary: think it over before leaving your career to buy a cool camera and LED lights for your room. Being successful at this is just as difficult (or more) than filling an auditorium so people pay to see you speak.“, resume Arjona.

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