During the last months of 2019 and a good part of last year, a debate was constant in specialized forums and in video game circles on social networks: these assumptions are real. images of the PlayStation 5 dev kit showing a “V” shaped appliance? In June of last year it was confirmed that it is thanks to a Sony patent, and now we see photographs of the device Thanks to Twitter user @ wellgamer161.

The “DFI-D1000AA”, the device video game developers use to test their PlayStation 5 titles, is a system very different from the console which was distributed in Spanish stores on November 19. In the first place, because it can only be placed horizontally and because it is not even the same color, but instead opts for the metallic gray and dark gray.

Second, because your design is more compact, but also much thicker. Third, because the cooling works differently, with large rear and front spaces for the machine to breathe and with that central hole in the shape of a triangle to dissipate heat. It also highlights, of course, the screen on the right side from the front.

And finally, the ports available: on the front there is four USB 3.0 ports and one standard USB, in addition to a network port; on the back there are two other network ports, an HDMI and the power connector; and in the bottom there is a compartment whose use is not detailed.

Xbox Series X Devkit (from hands-on video by Austin Evans) from r/XboxSeriesX

Consoles are often different from dev kits

Dev kits are typically different from commercial consoles; in fact, the Xbox Series X is more like an Xbox One S or an Xbox One X than Microsoft’s next-gen machine. Therefore, if the kits from the prximo PlayStation VR, That They will be sent to the developers soon, please note that their design is probably not final.

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