Every time a new generation of consoles is released, as is the case with Xbox Series X / S and PlayStation 5, we dream of how to improve what just five years ago seemed unthinkable. Who would have thought in 2013 that in the immediate future we would see characters as detailed as those of The Last of Us Parte II Y Red Dead Redemption 2? Just about this last game he has dared Hossein Diba, a 3D modeler, to imagine (and most laudably, recreate) what the characters of the Rockstar saga would be like in a remasterizacin o remake for new generation consoles and computers.

On June 21, Diba posted a video on his YouTube channel where remasterizaba a Arthur Morgan, the protagonist of the sequel (which is actually a prequel) of Rockstar’s open world, which at its premiere in late 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One already left many players speechless with the recreation of characters and environments. The artist’s modeling leaves those of the video game as if they were several generations ago: the wrinkles, beard, folds of clothing, the texture of the hat …

After surprising locals and strangers with that video, he repeated the play again on July 2 with another dedicated to John Marston, protagonist of Red Dead Redemption for PS3 and Xbox 360 released in 2010 (although he also appears in the sequel as a minor character with considerable importance). Here obviously the change is even more spectacular, but not satisfied with that, he has published one more video where he applies the technology of ray tracing on Marston modeling, making clear the importance of realistic lighting and shadows.

He also remastered the characters from GTA

It is not the first time we have brought up the work of this 3D modeler from turquoise. At the beginning of this we show them how remasteriz to the protagonists of the saga Grand Theft Auto. Diba, who worked as a character modeler on the saga games WWE between 2015 and 2016; and is a freelance character artist since 2008, has an ArtStation page full of models of video game characters, animated films and even actors and actresses. Some of them are a bit disturbing.

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