Sony has chosen a different approach than other companies, such as Microsoft and Xbox, to offer upgraded versions for PlayStation 5 of games for PS4. So much Death Stranding What Ghost of Tsushima they will have editions that take advantage of the technical characteristics and the DualSense of PS5; in the case of the Sucker Punch game it has been confirmed that there will be pay 10 euros for the update. Hermen Hulst, head of PlayStation Studios, has advanced that habr ms Director’s Cut or director’s versions of this type.

On July 1, coinciding with the announcement of Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s CutHulst wrote on Twitter: “One of my favorite open worlds to explore, now with even more to see and a whole new island.” And add in your message: “All our Director’s Cut releases will offer new content, and on PS5, they will take advantage of advanced hardware features. “

Thus, I anticipated that there will be more versions of the director of other games from PlayStation Studios. The first to arrive, next August 20, will be the aforementioned Ghost of Tsushima. The reissue has received criticism, as well as for charge for PS5 upgrades, due to the confusion that the different ways of expanding to that version can generate in the consumer.

The title is reissue on PS5 and PS4 at full price, at 80 and 70 euros respectively, and include in addition to other improvements, a new narrative arc to take place on Iki Island, a new setting where you can meet indigenous characters and get items, techniques, and armor. Who already have the base game on PS4, they can pay 20 euros to get the Director’s Cut for PS4 and 30 euros to get the Director’s Cut for PS5.

Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut PS5

The let the PS5 aade resolucin hasta 4K, framerate at 60 frames per second, utilization of DualSense adaptive triggers and hepatic response, 3D audio, improved load times, and lip sync for Japanese voices. Those who just want these improvements and not the new content, they can pay 10 euros to transform your Ghost of Tsushima base PS4 to the standard version of PS5. It should be noted that Ghost of Tsushima received a free update allowing the title to run on PS5 at 60fps via backward compatibility.

On June 11, it was announced Death Stranding Director’s Cut exclusive to PS5, promising more title details in the coming weeks. It has not been confirmed if the novelties, such as the stealth phases, will be paid, or if you will also have to pay a few euros for get PS5 visual enhancements. It is predictable that they will elaborate on this in the rumored upcoming State of Play.

Naughty Dog made further improvements to The Last of Us Parte II

I take the case of Ghost of TsushimaWhat other games could receive similar treatment? The Last of Us Parte IILike the Sucker Punch game, it upgraded its PS4 version to run at 60fps to run on PS5. In May Naughty Dog said: “This patch is just the first step of our work on PS5This was interpreted as a preview of upcoming PS5 games, but in today’s context, it can also refer to a specific PS5 version of Ellie and Abby’s adventure.

On the other hand, we know that there is a new God of War on the way to PS5 and PS4 in 2022 which will be shown, supposedly, in the next few weeks. The God of War on PS4 was updated to run at 60fps on PS5 via backward compatibility, like so many others: Days Gone, Ratchet & Clank… It would not be unreasonable, although it is not confirmed in any way, that there is a Director’s Cut of Kratos and Atreus’s journey to pave the way for that God of War: Ragnarok.

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