The editor Private Division and developers Obsidian Entertainment they have announced Murder on Erdano, the second and last bonus content of The Outer Worlds. In Vandal we were able to play the first hour of the DLC and chat with Megan Starks (DLC Director and Senior Narrative Designer) Y Tim Cain (game co-director), so we take the opportunity to ask them why they have not introduced new companions nor in Danger in Gorgona in the content to get the March 17.

After all, these characters from The Outer Worlds have interesting and emotional stories. In addition, the various companions let them know your opinion on a topic when the player is talking to other characters, allowing the personality of unforgettable characters such Pavarti, Snake, Ellie and even the robot Sam. And precisely, the affection that the players have for these characters is what led to them not being replaced by others in the DLC.

“We decided to bring back the original escorts because I think the players really cared and we want to expand the companions of the base game, their stories“Megan Starks recounts.” You are going to spend more time with them, to have more interactions with them, to live one last adventureIn addition, the narrative designer points out that they also want give weight to the characters that are known in the DLC, like Cayetana de Alcin whose murder is being investigated in this bonus content.

How the escorts interact with these new characters will also be important. “It is also fun to play with different companions with your character, who will interrupt the different suspects. You know, Felix is ​​a big fan of Tossball “, emphasizes Tim Cain, thus warning of the relationships that can be created by investigate one of the suspects, Cayetana de Alcin’s partner, a Tossball star.

The following Obsidian project: The Outer Worlds 2?

Now that there are only a few days left for The Outer Worlds is completely finished, What does Obsidian Entertainment work on? We know that a team has been developing Avowed, a Fantasy RPG in first person for Xbox Series X / S and PC. They also continue the development of Grounded, the game of survival Released on Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, and PC in Early Access.

The Outer Worlds mapa

But in the planetary map of The Outer Worlds there are still several planets to be unlocked. When asking Starks about the possibility of visiting them in a sequel, he simply told us: “I’m not sure. I can’t say.”. At the end of the talk we insist again on what you are going to work on now: “Being an RPG. We like to do those [juegos]”. In October 2020, The Outer Worlds 2 it was in pre-production. A month before they said this about a possible Fallout New Vegas 2 now that they share a house with Bethesda:

The Outer Worlds: Murder on Erdano be available March 17 on PC (Steam and Epic Games Store), PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store. That same day a update for next generation consoles, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S, which introduce technical and performance improvements to the role-playing game. The DLC arrive later to the Nintendo Switch version.

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