Private Division and Obsidian Entertainment today announced that The Outer Worlds to receive Murder on Erdano, its second and last additional chapter, the next September 17 on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch, coinciding with the launch of the game update to new generation consoles, that is, PS5 y Xbox Series X/S. In Vandal we have published today some impressions in Spanish that you can read here.

The Outer Worlds: Murder on Erdano allow us to become detectives for a day to solve the crime of Cayetana de Alcin, a famous actress who has been found dead in the Grand Colonial hotel in Erdano. Sublight, the company responsible for the hotel, and Rizzo, the administrators of the colony, need someone neutral to solve the murder, so that task is up to us. Below you can see a gameplay video of this new downloadable content.

The most absurd detective in the galaxy

One of the most attractive aspects of this DLC, as we say in our impressions, is that we can role play our detective as we wanteither asking suspects smart questions or probing in the most absurd way possible, even going so far as to blame ourselves for the crime. We can also accuse the first of change or explore new ways to solve the murder, but always We will do it accompanied by the discrepancy expander, a sarcastic device that helps us solve the mystery thanks to its functions as fingerprint tracking or time rewind.

Capture of The Outer Worlds: Murder in Er

The Outer Worlds close its plot with this downloadable content that, we remember, will be published next March 17. It is the second it receives, after Danger in Gorgona, which is now available on all platforms. We told you about the base game in our analysis that it is “a space adventure full of sarcastic humor with decision-moldable worlds, companions that we will never want to abandon, really crazy weapons and a well-argued message “.

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