A few days ago we told you that Microsoft was planning to give us news about the “new generation” of Windows very soon, with changes that it has simmered for its operating system that will be crucial for the future of it.

After that information, now Microsoft itself is the one that has officially announced an event called “What’s Next for Windows?” what will take place next Thursday, June 24 at 8 AM PT which comes to be 17:00 in Spain.

The link of the event that you can access here takes us to a page with the Windows logo in which for the moment there is no information about what will be presented of the operating system although after the words of Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, that the other day he pointed out that we are “faced with one of the most important Windows updates “of the past decade” the bar of expectation is very high.

As for what is presented as “the future of Windows” so far there is only conjectures although we know that Microsoft takes time working on different interface changes and improvements for the operating system in addition to several sources suggesting that the Microsoft Store will open for all kinds of games and applications. On a personal level, I think that sooner rather than later we will see how Windows 10 changes its name, keeping only Windows When that important interface change is made, it will also inherit some functions from the already canceled Windows 10X.

Windows 10, the most popular operating system among gamers

Microsoft has achieved absolute success with Windows 10 already installed on more than 1.3 billion computers and that it is also the most popular operating system among gamers as reflected in the Steam hardware and software surveys in which we see how this OS is currently used by the 92,87 % of everyone who uses the Valve platform.

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