At the beginning of last June, Sony confirmed that Bend Studio, the parents of Days Gone, they were working on a new open world IP. This week we learned that the game include multiplayer features in your proposal, thanks to what is detailed in the development team job offers. On the other hand, despite the support of the players, it seems that the sequel to Days Gone is for the moment outside the study plans

Bend Studio and your new IP

SIE Bend Studio has updated its website to include a job posting: Senior Network Programmer, a post that suggests that your next project include multiplayer components of some sort. In the announcement, we can read that this position will be in charge of the “support for low-level network issues, multiplayer engine design / architecture, PSN platform services” and other responsibilities related to the online aspect of the game.

It seems that the multiplayer section will be a main element in this installment. The title is in a very early stage of development, so for now we will have to wait to find out what impact this modality has on the proposal. As Hermen Hulst, head of PlayStation Studios, anticipated, this new proposal is being built on the basis of the systems that we could see in Days Gone: “They are building it in the deep open world systems they developed with Days Gone“, he pointed.

Bend Studio’s new game sits atop Days Gone

SIE Bend Studios has made more than a few headlines in the past few weeks: after news broke that Sony had rejected the Days Gone 2, the studio was reported to have been collaborating on the new Uncharted game under the supervision of Naughty Dog, which has been canceled. Although, at the request of Bend Studio itself, the team was allowed to work on its own project. “They are working on a very exciting new IP that they are very, very passionate“Hulst also mentioned.

Recall that the sequel to Days Gone 2 It aimed to have some other cooperative multiplayer factor, as indicated at the time by director Jeff Ross. Bend Studio may have picked up what it sowed at the time for this post-apocalyptic sequel and decided to use it for this new title. At the moment, we can wait to discover more details about this project.

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