Epic Games He could not miss his appointment with April Fool’s Day, the particular April Fool’s Day of a lot of countries in the world in which jokes of all kinds are played and various trolls are carried out in search of innocents who can bite into these jokes. .

In the case of Fortnite the April Fool’s that took place yesterday has been celebrated by adding a new skin or suit for him Battle Royale that pays tribute to Stonks, a very popular meme on the internet that was created in 2014 and that went viral again with the so-called “GameStop case” that we talked about at length in Vandal.

The name of the skin is Diamond Hand and its cost is 1200 V-bucks in virtual currency of the game, a price that is in the average of what the premium skin costs and that translated into real money will be about 10 euros if we wanted to get this skin to put it on our character and distribute shots with it in our games during the Battle Royale.

With great improvements on Nintendo Switch

In addition to adding humorous content to celebrate the April Fool’s, Epic Games has also updated Fortnite to add great improvements to Nintendo Switch improving its resolution, achieving a more stable fps rate, extending its drawing distance and retouching certain textures. You can take a look at what Fortnite looks like now after its last patch for Switch by clicking here.

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