No, we didn’t see this coming. But here we are writing about it: Serious Sam 2 has received a huge new update 15 years after its debut. This was announced by the development studio Croteam on the title’s Steam page. The team has partnered with the independent developer Nathan “DwK” Brown to start the patch 2.90 of this first person shooter game in 2002. We tell you below All the details. In fact, at the moment the game can be obtained by 1,99 thanks to 80% off with which you have at the moment.

Serious Sam 2 welcomes a new update … arriving 15 years later

“Five billion years have passed since the last update suitable for Serious Sam 2“Croteam writes on Steam.” In the meantime, we’ve released a ton of games, but Serious Sam 2 was always creeping into the darkest corners of our minds. So much so that when old Nate, aka Nathan Brown, aka DwK, mentioned that he I would love to give another chance to Serious Sam 2, we got on the train straight away. “

Brown, meanwhile, has been a huge fan of the Serious Sam saga since its inception and is a prolific modder whose name surely rings a bell for many of you. Thanks to his background, he has developed a patch that significantly changes the classic experience of Serious Sam 2 with two new weapons, sprinting, rockets, various image and animation improvements, a radar that tracks enemies, NPCs and targets.

Update 2.90 arrives to change the gameplay of the title

Also, the most competitive players will be very happy to know that there are a dozen multiplayer maps. “I hope that everything that was done helps make the game enjoyable for a long time,” wrote Brown in the Croteam ad. “If it works, it’s worth it. Long live Serious Sam 2!” We remind you that the game is currently available on PC through Steam for a price of 1.99. In 2005 the Xbox version also debuted.

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