In early April, modders Brandon Mousseau and Maddy25 posted a mod that allows you to play in virtual reality a Valheim. Although it was a step further into the immersion in the Viking world, control was limited to mouse and keyboard or command. But this June 21 they have published an update that adds motion controls with the controls Oculus Touch (those included in Quest and Rift S) and Valve Index, plus limited support for HTC Vive controllers.

The operation of the motion control can be seen in the video inserted under this paragraph. The feature has been created alone by Maddy25 and includes upper body and finger tracking hand in hand. Thus, you can fight, shoot arrows, fish, interact with the environment using your hands and build by pointing with a cursor.

Updating the mod also allows you to interact with the inventory, equipment system and menus with the aforementioned controls without having to resort to the keyboard or the remote control. Mind you, the job is not finished. The modders they say they are “looking for a good solution” to add free movement. To move it is still necessary to use the joystick, so if the user takes a step in his room, his avatar will not move.

They also want improve control with the HTC Vive controls, but they say they haven’t had a chance to test the game with those controllers. They will be based on feedback from players testing the mod to make the necessary changes in a future update.

Has sold more than 7 million copies

Valheim was published on Steam through Early Access on February 2. Since then it has become one of the phenomena of the year with almost 7 million units sold on the Valve store as of May 2021. The developers, Iron Gate AB, recently released an update to the upcoming content roadmap.

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