Minions. Minecraft. Minions in Minecraft. That’s the news: from Friday, July 16, official add-on content based on the animated film saga of Illumination which adds an adventure starring the cute or hated, depending on who you ask, yellow creatures.

Additional content Illumination’s Minions X Minecraft proposes to the players to unite a small army of Minions to help Gru and together defeat iconic villains from Gru, my favorite villain Y Minions Like the Wild 6, El Macho and Vector. The DLC has references to Minions: The Origin of Gru, which will be released in July 2022, the animation film that has been delayed twice due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Thus, players will be able to interact with versions voxeled from Gru, Lucy, Margo, Edith, Agnes, the six villains of the Savages 6, and of course, many minions. Throughout the adventure you will have to face final bosses, use unique weapons taken from the game, participate in stealth phases controlling the minions, get on allocated vehicles alone or in the company of the yellow creatures and much more.

Minecraft Minions

Developed by Cyclone, the DLC synopsis reads like this: “Do you think you can become a supervillain? Then get the Minions Adventure Map! Make your wildest dreams come true and face Wild 6 in adventure mode. Explore familiar places and do great mischief with Gru and the minions from Illumination in Minecraft. Includes 29 skins from the franchise!

Sonic, Mario and Luke Skywalker passed by Minecraft

The characters created by Illumination (who by the way, work on the movie of Super Mario Bros.) are just one of many collaborations between well-known sagas and the Mojang game, including Sonic the Hedgehog, Star Wars and even Mario and the Champin Kingdom characters.

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