Baldo It is one of the most anticipated titles this year by lovers of adventure games. Aims to debut in Spain and around the world both and PC as in consoles PS4, Xbox One y Nintendo Switch, displaying a unique formula and artistic style. Developed by indie studio Naps Team, the project is described as a combination of The Legend of Zelda and the touch of Studio Ghibli, filmmakers as beloved as Princess mononoke O Howl’s Moving Castle. By courtesy of IGN we have been able to take a look at its playability and trminos de exploration and combat system. We leave you with the video, 12 minutes long, under these lines:

Baldo: The adorable Naps Team proposal

If we combine the mechanics of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild with the artistic style of teams like Studio Ghibli, the result will be Baldo: a game that will delight fans of fantasy. The title is described as a game of role, adventure, puzzle and action, that drag us up a world full of magic. In history we discover that, just as the prophecies predicted, he was born a child of pure heart. That is the character that we will take care of embodying.

However, together with our protagonist, the villain of the game has also been released: a heartless beast that she was locked up in the underworld by the wise owls, and that now again poses a threat to the world. Our mission will be to take charge of stopping this creature, while we visit many towns, we collect weapons, we reveal the different secrets that are hidden in this world and we discover new valuable items.

In Baldo, a child with a pure heart has been born, but a beast has also been released that threatens the world.

In the video that we have left you and that shows its gameplay, we can take a look at the different environments that we will go through throughout our adventure: plains, beaches, dungeons, urban landscapes … all kinds of scenarios will open up in our path, while we explore them in search of the treasures that are hidden in each corner. The combat system, on the other hand, aims to be dynamic and slightly strategic: we will have to measure our times very well to attack the different creatures if we want to stay alive.

Yesterday we took an in-depth look at the town layout and mission system. Unfortunately, Baldo currently lacks a release date on PC and consoles. It was originally going to be released in summer of last year on Nintendo Switch, but these plans changed when the title faced a delay.

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