The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD goes on sale on Nintendo Switch tomorrow, June 16, and has already been analyzed in Vandal. This is a remastering of the adventure released on Wii with various enhancements to the experience. The channel ElAnalistaDeBits has made a comparison with the original in the technical aspects -and some other modifications- to demonstrate the work done with this title that debuted in 2011.

The video information is as follows:

  • On Nintendo Switch it works a 1080p / 60FPS modo dock and 720p / 60FPS modo port, most of the time stable -with small drops in kinematics but not very important-.
  • By increasing the resolution compared to Wii, the watercolor effect is less visible. In the original it made some areas more blurred than they were.
  • Now there is a free camera but only when using motion sensor mode. With Pro controller or in portable mode the right lever is used for the sword, so in this case the view cannot be controlled.
  • Shadows increase resolution, especially in the characters -which is what we are going to see on screen for the longest time-. In contrast, anisotropic filtering or environmental occlusion show no improvement.
  • The changes in textures are minimal and the video indicates that when the resolution increases, the deficiencies can be seen more. The interface is renewed.
  • The draw distance is better with some objects on the stage but not with vegetation, which in this case is less than Wii. “I do not know if it is a premeditated decision [para mantener el rendimiento] or a bug, “says the analyst.
  • Loading times have been slightly shortened.
  • The latency of the Joy-Con is better than with the Wiimote, so it is possible to do the more agile and faster fighting.
  • One of the improvements in comfort is the ability to advance dialogues faster or skip cinematics, which is handy for those who already know the game.

La mejor versin de The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

“Maybe The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword it is still not the best installment of this legendary saga, but its remastering for Nintendo Switch now makes it much more enjoyable than ever “, we count in the conclusions.” The high definition finally manages to do justice to its beautiful artistic direction , the 60 fps is outrageous, the camera can be freely repositioned, the motion controls detect our gestures more precisely, and a few much-needed quality-of-life enhancements have been introduced that speed up the pace of the adventure much more than it might seem at first. In short, lbest version of a great game with which to discover one of the most important and exciting stories of one of the most revolutionary and magical series in the industry “.

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